domingo, 4 de enero de 2009

“My lonelyness ”

When I close my eyes
I see my angel cry
The color has gone from my face
My heart is broken
Please tell me why
You make cry
Everything was a dream
Is time to say goodbye

The rose was dead in your hands
You are a slave of the guilt
I won´t begin again
I need my lonelyness

I open my eyes
The sky is grey
I never see the sun shine
Please runaway from me
I need my lonelyness
I need my fear
Please don´t touch me
Your hands turn me on

Please don´t hold me tonight
´cause I will try to forgive
it´s too late to lie to me
.. to late to love me...

I feel the cold in your eyes
I listen to my heart
I wait for a new change
I live in lonelyness.

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Xaj dijo...

In the question onf the lonelyness.

Soledad en inglès, definitivamente suena mucho mejor.